Tidbits: Canned Peas

Yes, we’re still researching Part 2 of the Ramen Noodle Adventure but in the meantime, this came to our attention.  Sometimes we receive comments that we don’t include in the Comment section because answers have to be researched.

A reader complained that when she went to buy canned peas (for a recipe) at the branch of Cub Foods she frequented, the six brands, including the “organic,” all had added sugar and she was unable to find any early peas at all.

Given the weather problems across the country, perhaps there is a shortage of early peas.  At any rate, she had a conundrum because at least two of the brands, including Green Giant and Del Monte, had BPA (bisphenol A) lined cans.  Also, she figured if she wanted sugar in her peas it was up to her to add it.

Although not at this branch of Cub Foods, there is a brand called Libby’s Naturals with no salt or sugar added and their label says “Sweet Peas.”  These cans are BPA-free, however not all Libby’s canned products are BPA-free.  It’s a step forward with canned vegetables, but their canned pumpkin is still questionable.

Anyway, Libby’s Naturals are available through Amazon and Walmart (not everyone lives close to a store with more natural choices).  Libby’s Gourmet Early June Peas on Amazon are listed as Currently Unavailable.

We contacted Cub’s corporate headquarters at 651-439-7200 during business hours twice and there was no answer or recording after 20 rings each time.  We then found a secondary number, 651-779-2000, and it rang 30 times with no response.